POWERKING PUMP CORP. was established to timely and suitably supply world's most name valued and
qualified pumps when it was most needed in 1980s where industries like PetroChemistry, Food, Paper,
Ship Building and Power Plant was actively engaged.

For more than 36 years from the beginning we accumulated our technical knowledge and experiences to provide a total service solution where providing not only pumps, geared motors and reducers but also
providing engineering, manufacturing and commissioning service.

We are tracking and managing to meet various needs and requests of our customer, also thoroughly
carrying out after service issues even after the products are delivered, with a help of a latest ERP inventory system.

All of our employees are not settling for present but always striving to improve to be an expert of their
field by regularly participating needed trainings and seminars, in order to make creative and self-realized
work environment and moreover contributing to a society.

As a supplier of industrial specialty pumps, POWERKING PUMP CORP. will continuously grow to be
competent not only intensifying our existing business field but extending the handling products to be the best consultant of comprehensive fluid machinery industries. We sincerely look forward to our valuable
customer's close attention and a kind encouragement.