Magnetic Gear Pump

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pdfFeatures & Benefits
1) Small Size
 - The miniature package size of the MICROPUMP are easily incorporated into the design of many
2) Fluid Path Integrity
 - The Magnetic drive and static o-ring seal(s) keep the fluid securely inside the pump and potential
  contaminants out.
3) Long Life
 - Precisely designed and manufactured gears stand the test of rugged duty
 - Chemically resistant contsructon materials stand up to chemically aggressive fluids
 - Electromagnetic drive means fewer moving parts
4) Smooth Pulseless Delivery
 - Positive displacement, precision gears provide consistent fluid delivery in continuous process
5) Easy to service
 - MICROPUMP are easy to service using a service kit and simple hands tools.
6) Wide Range Of Configurations
 : MICROPUMP's designs offer a wide range of configurations to meet your more challenging
  requirements including:
 - Multiple gear, body, and o-ring materials
 - High-torque magnets
 - Special bushing materials
 - NEMA and IEC drive mounts
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