• DJ-604.A
  • DJ-605.A
  • DN-519.A
  • DP-415A.A
  • DC-305.A
  • EagleDrive DEMSE
  • EagleDrive DEELE
  • DC-306.A
  • DC-331A.C
  • DC-332A.C
  • DC-336.C
  • DC-361.C
  • DB-380.A
  • DB-380.B
  • I-Drive IMS
  • DV-955.A
pdfFeatures & Benefits
1) Small Package
 - The Small package size means the Drive is easily integrated into system designs
2) No Moving Part
 - Fewer parts to wear means higher reliability and loger life
3) High Torque
 - High Torque offers improved flow rates with continuous duty pressures
4) Higher Pump Speed
 - Pump speeds up to 8000 rpm resulting in higher flow rates
5) Wide Range Of Power Supply Voltages
 - Supported power supply voltages from 10V to 38V eases system integration
6) Digital Error Outputs
 - Digital error outputs enable "Check engine light" like diagnostic functionality
7) Hign Temperature Operation
 - A maximum ambient temperature limit of 120℃ increases the allowed operation envelope
• In addition to Eagle Drive, we are dealing with the various series of drives.
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